Several effects of the cannabis on the health

It is important to be careful when taking any kind of drug because use of any type of drug always carries some risk. There is no safe level of drug usage. The effects of cannabis or any other drug is depends on person to person. It affects everyone differently which is basically based on:

  • The size, weight and health of the person is important to describe because a strong and healthy man can handle overdose of drug at a time and it does not more effect on his body but for a weak person it is more dangerous to use cannabis.
  • The effect of drugs is also depend on the thing that person is habitual of the cannabis or not. Because if he uses it regularly then it many have adverse impact on his body but not in case if he tries it for once or twice.
  • If any other drug is taken around the same time then it may more affects the body and the mind both. The amount of the cannabis taken and the strength of the drug which a person takes are the main things which can have the different impacts.

Effect of the cannabis on the health of people:

The effect of the drug cannabis may be felt immediately if smoked or if eaten the result will take approximately an hour and two. The effects of the cannabis may include:

  • After using the cannabis or any other weed people may felling relaxed, sleepy and they also behaves differently which may be spontaneous laughter and excitement for no reason.
  • Increased appetite is the positive effect of eating the cannabis and it also reduce the level of stress and depression.
  • Just after eating the weed it is natural for energy person to have dry mouth and quiet reflective mood.
  • If a large amount of drug is taken and have a strong batch then you may also experience

Trouble concentrating, blurred vision, Clumsiness and slower reflexes

  • Many people describe that they feel bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate and low blood pressure while consuming the cannabis and it lasts till the time when the effect of weed is continuous.
  • It is also researched that when a person eats cannabis he can fell mild anxiety and seeing and hearing things that are not there.

Long term effect:

Cannabis has many benefits for the health but if people have it for the long time then it have many disadvantages and have negative effect on the body. Regular use of cannabis may eventually cause:

  • Memory loss, learning difficulties and mood swing
  • Regular cold and flu and need to use more to get the same effect daily
  • Become addicted or dependence on cannabis

Smoking cannabis can also cause sore throat, asthma and many other diseases which have bad effect on the body of that person. It cannabis is smoked with tobacco then it may cause cancer and the person may feel his live in ending stages. While buying the cannabis make sure to purchase the right quality to increase the benefits provided by it.